Could We Delete Our Memories One Day?


So a new movie debuted on. Hbo max earlier. This month from the creators of westworld and starring hugh jackman called reminiscence. It's about a world where scientists have created a way of relieving your memories and recovering lost. Ones it's been getting pretty bad reviews. And frankly i keep forgetting to check it out but it does have a very intriguing premise. In what if we could relive memories. What have we could change them or heck. What if we could delete memories altogether. I definitely have some that. I wish i could forget. In a recent installment of their gizeh asks series. Gizmodo spoke to a panel of researchers about whether such thing would ever actually be possible. Samuel shocker professor emeritus of neuroscience at columbia university says that the principal is kind of there but in practice it's more complicated quote the evidence from neuroscience right now suggests that a given memory is very sparsely encoded. What that means is that our cerebral cortex where most of these memories are stored has about fifteen billion nerve cells at a particular memory involve a change in activity of only a couple hundred of them. Finding those few hundred cells is very very complicated and quote. He points to a number of ongoing studies however that show what we're currently capable of in one. Scientists are able to identify a group of cells participating in one of a mouse as memories and then manipulate them enough to prove that the mouse forgot the memory. But shocker says doing that on a human scale to the sophisticated level. Most people think of when talking about deleting memories is probably not possible but in terms of similar therapies for trauma quote. A memory has four basic phases. It's initiated then consolidated then stored and then recalled in both animals like mice and monkeys and in humans. each of these phases have been shown to share a certain mechanism. Scientists are now focusing on those shared mechanisms to see if maladaptive memories can lose their anxiety provoking aura. You don't forget that you got mugged in front of a mailbox instead. The mailbox stops meaning what it used to mean. The memory is still there but it's emotional. Context has been

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