A highlight from The Circle US | Season 3 Premiere Recap

Rob Has a Podcast


Every what's going on a rob cicirino back here to talk. About the return of the circle to net flicks season three episode number one. Recap and here. I am to talk about it with the buddy that's in my catfish room with me. It's tearing down. How are you. I'm alerted rob. I've been alerted alert. Yes we're back we're back. We're back baby circle season three. Can you believe it. Taryn a really you know all of a sudden it's like It's all circle all the time. I mean You know. I feel like the circle entered my life like a couple of years ago and now there's been like seven seasons between the uk and the us. Yeah this one did sneak up on us because the last one we did was what in april yes. Something like that

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