Biden Administration Mum on Number of Americans Left in Afghanistan


The number one story is the number one story. It's hard to find any about. The americans left behind afghanstan. The reason you won't find out about it much. As the wall street journal headline this morning biden seeks to shift focus to domestic issues after afghanistan exit. He wants us now to forget that he abandoned the thousands of americans and l. Pr's and i'm just going to start saving thousands of americans because while we know between one hundred two hundred american citizens and we don't know if that's the real number i frankly have credibility issues with team biden because they're being paid about this but what does it say hundreds of citizens and thousands of legal permanent residence l. ers so it's thousands of americans because an american green card holders at american. They're not a full citizen but they choose not to be but they are often days weeks months a year away from citizenship. You know a lot of l. pr's bet you don't even know that they are l. pr's they just haven't told you their green card status and they're americans in their stranded there as well. That doesn't count are afghanistan allies and so team biden. Doesn't wanna talk about it. I'm gonna talk about it a lot. I'm asking you this morning at one. Eight hundred five two one. Two three four. Is this a story. You care about the americans abandoned and now that president biden wants you to forget about because he doesn't want to hostage crisis even though he's got one now four americans got out. Yesterday they got over the border. We don't know which border the group that help them. Across the border Was done with private assistance. There are several americans on the runway at mazari. Al shreve which is the second largest city in afghanistan. The taliban are not giving permission to the airplanes which have been there for maybe a week. Now maybe six days. Maybe it's seven days now waiting to take off. The state department has been blamed in part. But they say it's not our fault. The taliban hold them hostage

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