First Trial in U.S. College Admission Scandal to Begin in Boston Court

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Morning in boston opening arguments in the college. Admission scandal trial from member station. Gbh in boston kirk care. Pezzo reports that dozens of parents including celebrities have been charged with corruption and pleaded guilty in the case but until now no one has been tried to dad's former casino executive gamal abdelaziz and private equity adviser. John wilson are still fighting the charges in court. The defense will argue that these two dads thought they were playing. Within the rules of a shadow system perpetuated by colleges in which rich people donate to schools to help their kids get in and that is a strong defense from two thousand feet federal prosecutor. Jeffrey cohen says this marks the first time this system of greasing the wheels for elite has been put to the test. We're really going to have a jury of regular people who probably try to get their kids into college. At some point deciding what went on here the prosecution will depend on wiretapped conversations

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