Caution, Contents Hot: The McDonald's Hot Coffee Case of 1992


I heard about this. I know it was a media sensation and like the late mid nineties. Ninety six the verdict came down in ninety four. Yeah and i know that this was an event that was directly. Parodied on seinfeld. Which i think is kind of a litmus test for cultural relevance and the seinfeld version is that kramer is going to a movie theater and he's trying to smuggle in a cafe lot hey and he gospels it. Somehow it burns his leg and he's like i'm going to sue the coffee company because the coffee was too hot and like what a ridiculous thing to sue anyone for making hot coffee hot. It's supposed to be hot. Her and all of this is based on a case. Where there is this. Elderly woman named florence. Liebeck it's actually stella liebeck. Stella why do i think her name's florence. Is there a florence liebeck. I think you're thinking of florence in the coffee machine alright. Stella that's great. What a great name. Who went to mcdonald's drive-thru and she ordered a hot coffee and it spilled somehow and she got burns from the coffee and she sued mcdonalds and the way the story went was mcdonald's had given her like thirty trillion dollars. And there was this sense of lake will what next like. Why doesn't everyone sue every large corporation for a lot of money for a product behaving in a predictable way. Yeah i mean the term that you heard a lot at the time was jackpot justice. Was this idea that people are doing these completely normal things like we've all spilled coffee on ourselves and blowing them up into these like. Oh my life was never the same. After i spilled up. You know luke warm cup of coffee on myself. It's the juxtaposition between this completely. Every day normal thing that happens to everybody and the massive settlement that this woman got by suing mcdonalds and then also i feel like maybe this isn't true but my understanding was that it was because of this like whenever you get a beverage from anywhere still today. If it's hot it'll say like caution contents

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