Influential Educators: Abolitionist Prudence Crandall


Was born on september third. Eighteen three in rhode island booth of her parents. Pardon and esther were farmers. Imprudence was young. Her family relocated to canterbury connecticut. There prudence studied arithmetic. Latin and science topics not normally taught to girls at the time. But prudence is family was quaker. Quakers believe in equal opportunity for education in eighteen. Thirty one. prudence opened her own private school for girls. The canterbury female boarding school. The school served the wealthiest canterbury families and was a source of great pride in the community. It was ranked as one of the best schools in connecticut with the curriculum that rivaled even the most elite all boys schools but prudence is school was not entirely equal. All of her students were white to encourage prudence to take a more aggressive stance. Prudence is black housekeeper. Marsha davis began strategically leaving copies of the abolitionist newspaper. The liberator in places where she knew prudence would find them. The liberator promoted the need for immediate abolition as opposed to a gradual abolition. That was more commonly supported by the new england. Delete sarah harris who came from a prominent black family in the area was the first to actively approach prudence about integrating school. Sara was eager to continue her own education so that she could become a teacher for other black children and in eighteen thirty. Two prudence enrolled sarah in the canterbury boarding school. The decision was met with outrage white. Parents demanded that prudence expel sarah when she refused. They withdrew their daughters from the school realizing that she'd need to find new sources of tuition. Prudence went to speak with william lloyd garrison. The outspoken white abolitionist publisher of the liberator prudence and william discussed the possibility of converting the canterbury school into a school entirely for black girls. William connected prudence with money of the most prominent black families in new england and in eighteen thirty three the school reopened with a new mission to educate quote young ladies and little misses of color. The class consisted of twenty four students and the curriculum remained identical to that of the original. Can't school

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