How Fox News Pundit Gregg Jarrett Decided to Fight the Swamp Monsters


Let's start as we do with all of our guests. Who is greg jarrett. Where did he come from. What did he do and how did he get to this position. Fighting the swamp monsters accidentally serendipitous sleep lawyer. Trial lawyer san francisco defense I i sort of accidentally fell into two tv and started doing a morning program there. And then i took a sabbatical for one year. And now i'm on like i don't know a thirty four. Th year sabbatical the the law firm eventually gave up after a couple of years and called me up and said look. Your name stole on the letterhead. Are you ever coming back. And i said. I'm having too much fun doing this television thing. And at the time. I was anchoring local news. I in maryland and north carolina kansas and then court. Tv launched in one thousand nine hundred. Ninety one i joined them. I was for eight years covering a lot of big trials. was in los angeles daily covering the oj simpson murder case. Then i went to msnbc anchored for four years there then. I moved to fox news where i anchored for about fifteen years but for the last seven years six seven years. I've been Not really anchoring. I've been using my expertise lawyers. Legal analyst commentator wrote a couple of books and that's the thumbnail

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