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I ran out of pot. Last week. Happens so i walked to the pot shop near my house. That didn't used to happen. There wasn't always a pot shop. You're my house. I went in masks. Because we have a mask mandate in washington state. I am not an asshole and the nice masked woman behind the counter recognized my voice and kind of freaked out at me a little bit which is fine. I love having fans and bands. You tell me how much this show means to them while handing me a giant bag of chocolates doesn't my favorite kind of bayern's and then the woman at the pot shop told me she moved to seattle at the start of the pandemic for love. And i braced myself. I bought. I knew this was going. I was putting my advice hat on. But i didn't need to. Things were going great with her pandemic girlfriend. Sometimes those impulse purchases moving to a place. You've never been to be with someone you barely know at a time. You can't get away from sometimes. Those impulse purchases workout. So i told her i was happy for her and her girlfriend end relieved to hear that the pressures of the pandemic didn't screw things up for her and then she said well the pin had screwed something up for her should bari. She's a rigor a rope. Bondage enthusiasts to rope bondage person and it's been sad for her not getting to tie people up not getting to go to bondage parties during the pandemic and the woman at the pot shop. Asked me if i had a frequent flyer number a customer account for rewards and i said i didn't but i thought my husband's boyfriend might so we looked up his number and he did and she credited my purchase to his account live in the moment. That's what they say right. Been hearing that all my life live in the moment but to live in the moment right now these days. Can you be kind of exhausting. There are lots of shitty moments coming at us seemingly faster and faster over the last five years the walking over in the pot shop last week i was fully appreciating that moment those moments that little sequence of moments i was in a pot shop i ran into another person. She brought up her girlfriend enter. Kinks brought up my husband and is boyfriend and it all fell totally normal because those moments are now normal so normal that we hardly notice them. But we don't take a moment to appreciate those moments. How things have changed for the better. We risk missing out on the lesson. That progress has been made man husbands. Some of their husbands have boyfriends legal pot shops exist in one thousand nine states and the district of columbia kinky people feel comfortable sharing that fact with someone. They've just men ten years ago. We didn't pot shops. I never husband terry. We were married so that's better. We fought for that. Shouldn't take it for granted and the person working in the pot shop that day ten years ago minimum wage in seattle was not fifteen dollars. She's getting that at least hopefully more plus tips and health care. We fought for. That shouldn't take that for granted. I got home feeling pretty good about the moment. I was having and full disclosure. I hadn't even opened the pie yet. And then i had a very different moment a moment more in line with the moments we've all been having over the last five years. I looked at twitter fucking texas. They did it. Texas did what. I warned you if you months ago here in texas was about to do. Tax effectively banned abortion and put a bounty on the heads of anyone who helps a woman get an abortion in texas and then the supreme court didn't do what the supreme court coulda done and should have done and would have done if donald trump hadn't been able to appoint three anti-choice justices to the court. Which hillary clinton warned us. He would be able to do if he won in two thousand sixteen and a lot of people on the left accuse hillary of fearmongering and she was right. We should have been afraid. We should have been thinking about the courts right wing. Christians weren't in love with donald trump in two thousand sixteen. They looked at trump held their noses thought about the supreme court and voted for him then he won and they found in love because it's power. They love power over others. When power is married to cruelty that hits the right wing in their g-spot my point is we popper choice but we took it for granted. Choice and the courts. Now we gotta fight for both again. And i gotta be honest here. I'm at a loss. Having moment the try to open the show every week with something amusing uplifting when i talk about politics some constructive suggestions but this week reading the news out of texas. I'm not sure what to say. Vote the republicans out. Republicans in texas and elsewhere continue to make it harder to vote at all and republicans are making it easier for themselves. Overturn ignore the results of elections. They don't win. Or i could pause here to call the mount on their hypocrisy is if they listen to me. I guess or call them out on their hypocrisy again. But i'm done pretending that this is really about abortion. I'm done playing along with their framing. Not about babies. If they cared about bringing down the abortion rate they would do the one thing we know works. Make safe long-lasting birth control methods available to all. They don't do that. They're opposed to that and they always have been

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