Hurricane Ida Knocks out Power to New Orleans


Of Louisiana after Hurricane Ida. I don't have a generator. I am in the dark. She's in material. Louisiana. Ida is now a tropical storm and is just passing through Jackson, Mississippi as it heads north. There have been many water rescues along the Gulf Coast. Sheriff Joe Le Pido was with Jefferson Parish and says some wanted to stay back as long as they're okay and not needing assistance. We were not going to force them and put them in a boat to bring him back, But there are other people that obviously not in that situation, so we're making sure we're getting all of them out. First workers from the F D N Y and NYPD are heading to the area to help and President Biden says federal help is headed to the area to More than 5000. Members of your National Guard has been activated from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas to support search and rescue and recovery efforts. Only one death was blamed on the storm. FEMA says power could remain out for weeks CBS News Special

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