US FDA Recommends Booster Jabs for Over 65s


Few days before the official start of fall. What was billed as the summer of freedom has come and gone on the national mall more than six hundred thousand flags one for each life loss to covert the sea of white representing unfathomable and devastating toll. Just three months ago the. Us daily case average was nearing a record low about eleven thousand new cases. Now we're averaging about one hundred forty three thousand cases per day reporting roughly one million cases over the last week and while president biden hoped an fda advisory panel would recommend boosters for all vaccinated americans on friday. The panel voted to recommend boosters only for those sixty five and older or at high risk of severe disease. Dr anthony found. She is standing by joins us in just a moment. But we begin with the latest on that fda recommendation and what it all means for some of the most vulnerable as the school year gets underway. It was just last month at president biden. Laid out his plan for booster shots. These booster program is start here. September twentieth pending approval. Fda cdc committee outside experts that approval did not come for everyone and while the handled did not officially vote on it they do support including vulnerable populations like teachers healthcare and other frontline workers in this first round but when it comes to ending the pandemic the message remains clear to vaccinate the unvaccinated. While seventy six percent of adults have received. at least one dose the millions of unvaccinated americans are fueling hospitalizations and directly impacting. Some of the most vulnerable children

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