Julie Kelly Describes How Trump Supporters Are Being Turned Into Convicted Felons


Kelley welcome to america. First one on one. Thank you for having me. One an intro. So i know the invoice in the mail. So what did you talk about. Yes there was a topic of your panel. Just a little snippet so the subject that i've been covering for the last several months as you know we've talked about is january six out of laughed and the biden regime the media weaponising it against not just the people who were there that day but everyone on the right by extension almost seventy five million trump voters and so How that investigation is accelerating and how it is ensnared now over six hundred americans and they have been even more. Recent arrests have not every week. There are new arrests so with the justice department. Continues this what. I call terror crusade. We could we probably jihad against maga. It is it is. I mean this is what you see. So that the panel discussion yesterday was vaccine mandates and then january six. You could see the convergence relation vaccine mandates The the hunt for the quote unquote insurrectionists criminalising conservatives is it not criminalizing conservatives and criminalizing dissent so that is really what they're doing now the vaccine mandates mandates et cetera. Et one thing But what they're really doing with the january sixth investigation Prosecuting people for trespassing adding felony charges. Keeping now about sixty people behind bars denied bail under pretrial detention dot by. Let's stop here. Sixty people who is any one of them charged with insurrectional revolution. Yeah so what are they challenged with. Julie mostly trespassing civil disorder conspiracy a felony charge. That's very common is obstruction of official proceeding. Which more the two hundred people face. That charges never been applied to a political protests. Ever and never was. It's a two thousand two statute that was posted. Enron that would stop people from interfering in congressional inquiries. It was never intended for people who walked in the capital when they were certifying electoral college. But this is the way that they are turning trump supporters in to convicted

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