Republicans Blast Democrats for Pulling Iron Dome Funding


Applaud once leader mccarthy again for taking a stand and doing what not a single other week week. Humiliated democrat did which was to stand up to the filth to the garbage. Anti semitism which is really targeted. Jewish against the jewish state. That was on tuesday. So thank you leader. Mccarthy thank you republicans for saying no place for hate against the jew or israel in in the house of representatives where was chuck schumer. When all that was going on i thought he was a chamara energy style. Gas big mo a guardian of israel. Where was against this. Hey where was jerry. Nee adam schiff schakowsky and all the others who who were calling trump any semite which was garbage i president have orthodox jewish children orthodox jewish grandchildren and such a such a fan of as roma staunch support of israel that he singlehandedly. Move the embassy member from tel aviv. Jerusalem not a single democrat not even the jewish liberal democrats went to jerusalem when they opened the new embassy and moved it to israel's capital. Why because they hated trump more loved or supported or want stand with israel. So thank you. Republicans for standing up against the hate of the democratic

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