Biden Addresses the Crisis in Afghanistan After Taliban Take Kabul

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President biden is returning to washington from camp. David to address evacuation efforts in afghanistan. So far he's only released a written statement about the crisis but as npr's franko donas reports biden sent out his secretary of state antony blinken to defend the administration on the sunday political shows. The secretary of state echoed what president biden had already said in a statement earlier in the weekend arguing that the united states succeeded in its mission to hold those responsible for the attacks on september eleventh. Two thousand one and that remaining in the country was not sustainable unless they were ready to go back to war here is how anthony blinken explained it on nbc. If the president decided to stay all gloves would have been off we would have been back at war. With the taliban he added that after twenty years and trillions of dollars invested to rebuild the afghan government the afghan military that one year or five or ten was not going to make a difference.

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