A highlight from #151 - Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay

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Hey you're listening to book stem. Boba of brooklyn podcast. Speaking books by asian asian american authors might name is mervin. Us and i'm rearing you and we are here today for our book club. Discussion of our august. Twenty twenty one book club pick patron saints of nothing by randy. Rebuy re-re yes. You weren't kidding when you were saying. This is not a A lot of lights. Hey fair no like i said it it dives into more heavy themes it dives into a president do tar taste war on drugs. It has you know it has family death grief poverty and there's like brief mentions of trafficking so yeah definitely not alight read. Go in with caution if any of those are your triggers. Yeah and i guess. A quick content warning for our own discussion will probably be talking about touching on stuff like death and domestic violence too so Yeah just putting that out there But yeah let's Should we get into it. I just talked to each other like a couple of days ago. So i don't know i mean i do want to say that we did. Our timing got a little messed up and accidentally because this was supposed to be our one hundred fiftieth episode. I'll accidentally put something else has one fifteen Our interview with amanda jetta that when it came out earlier this week so one fifty one. So we're going to celebrate. I guess we're celebrating the one hundred and fifty plus one absorb simple. Oh wow it's been that many episodes that these feel that's wild. I've never been this consistent at anything in my entire life. Yeah it's it's wild Like i worried about running out of content at some point but book the books. Just keep coming in. The book deals and adaptations keep coming. I'm like okay. I guess we still have content. I guess we still have things to talk about. I mean there's more books talking with these days than than ever before. We've we're getting pitched by publishers all the time and we're only two people with one castle. We can't possibly cover every single by that comes across our desk. But what we're trying our best and this month also marks our fifth anniversary. Yeah yeah yeah man a decade. So thank you to all of our listeners who have with us for the ride To those of you who have joined us recently We hope you stick with us for the next five years as well But yeah i guess man. One fifty one is feel like we as an rerun. I have done a a not as good job celebrating milestones. Well okay here's the thing like My personality is always moving the goalpost even before like i reach of milestones. So it's like it's really hard for me to celebrate stuff. Because i'm constantly thinking like oh i should do better or comparing myself to other podcasts. Like these people have like what like over two thousand followers and they have a discord. They have all of these things but our podcast not up to that level. Mainly that's my fault. Because i'm not the one putting in the work to get us to that level. No it's it's we again. We are only have your past. You would find our podcast at your local sprouts or whole foods. I guess are hopeful podcast. I don't know maybe. I added that associations so i don't know about that come comparison. I mean if we want to start this discord. There's nothing stopping this. Yeah but then we have to start managing that discord and to be fair we have about eighteen hundred followers. So we're we're close to two thousand so it'll turn turn turn the move those goalposts again with five thousand five thousand. Yeah that's why we don't really celebrate milestones. in fact i just completely forget about the until someone reminds me. And it's always been like this since my childhood. Sow there there. You have it well if our listeners. Fuel-cell inclined. Please shoot us a twitter message congratulating us. It's kind of a gauche to ask for validation. But you know this is for good causes to repair eagle. So you know. i think it's for a good cause. Yeah i mean the fact that marvin has to be the positive one out of two of us. It's it's a big responsibility a well with all the way. Let's get into our discussion of patron saints of nothing. Ready rebuy Really want starts off with the book. Jacket description yes for those of you who do not care about spoilers. This is what the premise of the book is. So jay ribeiro plans to spend the last semester of his senior year playing video games before heading to the university of michigan in the fall but when he discovers that his filipino cousin june was murdered as part of president days. War on drugs and known in the family wants to talk about what happened. Jay travels to the philippines to find out the real story hoping to uncover more about june and the events that led to his death.

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