Cristiano Ronaldo Returns to Manchester United



Twelve years after. He left manchester united's. Cristiano renaldo is back at manchester united. I well that's a good question. I don't know if you meant it rhetorically. But i'll actually answer it. I can't believe it bec-. Because i i don't know i just kinda thought especially in this window after sancho and veron with what united have with what we have been led to believe you know their their financial situation is not. They're not man city. They're not psg so they've got a lot of money they do but like they don't have infinite money no dare in that. They're in that elite spot but they're not in the infinite money spot which is occupied by chelsea manchester city. And but it's amazing to me We spoke just a few days ago. About the limited amount of places that were possibly available for cristiano ronaldo but somehow it united can make this work and it goes to show you that it really is in your pin football right now a battle between a few clubs. That can do this kind of thing.

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