Drake Confirms 'Certified Lover Boy' Is Out 9/3


Lover Boy's good drop September 3rd. So now people are going to have to choose Which one is going to be the album that you listen to first. Which one's going to have the most streams. Which one is going to go bigger? Is it Kanye is a Drake? I know exactly which album I'm going to be listening to. Really It's gonna be drink. Really? Though I've heard donde I've seen the performance three times. You know, Like I said at his performance, he did some crazy stuff where he set himself on fire. He had Kim Kardashian come out in a wedding dress. He had Marilyn Manson. They're all that and you still didn't drop this album and I've already listened to this and you took Jay Z off the album, Right. Come on, Kanye man, So I I

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