US Media Turn Away From Afghanistan


So i saw this. This article is actually from national review. Credit where credit's due american media. Turn away from afghanistan. And this is from jim. Garrity basically goes through a whole litany of other stories the media rather cover than afghanistan because it pulls poorly and so. I said you know what we're going to bring back one of the top experts especially the we've had on our show that has been right about. I'm not kidding. Folks has been right about everything that's been going on in country. It's a foreign policy expert. Our friend dr keith. Rose welcome to the charlie kirk. Show you. Everybody is back by popular demand. You are absolutely amazing especially when it comes to this issue. You're also a doctor. So we're gonna we're gonna actually keep you on for additional segments. Because i want to talk about vaccines. Israel ivermectin joe rogan. All that stuff. We're going to get there folks but you have spent in a massive amount of time in country keith. So i wanted. I wanted to give you an opportunity to highlight the stories. The media doesn't wanna talk about and you you've been in direct contact with people on the ground. You have updates for us. The floor is yours. Sure andrew first of all what we have some good. We have some good people on the ground. Working there's a lot of that's a lot of former intel community members a lot of folks that understand that we have a moral obligation to take care of the people that took care of us for greater than twenty years. These people resur- lies for us. A lot of them are not alive now but their children are alive and we have a moral obligation as a nation to pay attention but we we also have a geopolitical obligation to pay attention. Because what happened and what. The american public saw. Unfold wasn't normal when we went afghanistan. We always look for things that we don't have to look for the abnormal things. We just have to look for what's not normal. You know normal ebb and flow anything else outside of that. You can go to drill down. And that's what we're doing right now

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