3 Automations Tools You Must Know!


The first toll that i will be covering. Today is happier zappia and makes you happier and is the leading no code automation tool with over thirty eight hundred immigration partners think hub spot milch him google counter and pretty much any toy you can imagine and if they don't have a direct integration you can probably find documentation or youtube video on how to set up the automation you need with a web hook happier is a y combinator backed company led by zayd foster and is probably the best hope to start. If you're looking to get into automation for the first time zap here is the most used toll in no code automation and entire six and seven figure. Businesses have been built using this toll. The only issue with zapper is if you're building a business on top of it. The price can add up extremely fast. I have used an paid for zappia in the past. And i think it is a great tool and how you recommend it to those looking to get started in automation or those that have businesses and are ready to automate those businesses. The second of all that. I'm going to be covering today. Is integra mac. Integra is an incredible automation tool that is affordable and a more visual experience. They were recently acquired for around one hundred million dollars. Integra matters as sleek web-based no code automation tool that pairs with their mobile app for the ultimate automation experience. If you don't like how zappia displays the workflows as you build. I highly recommend trying out. Integra matt i personally use it and pay for it and i think it is fairly easy to use an extremely powerful in regards to what you can do. I think there's i think you can use integral matt. And we'll have more flexibility compared to like zap your but if your needs aren't that complex zap is still a great option. But i personally love. And i pay for integral about their starting plan starts at about nine dollars a month. So it's extremely affordable for makers that are looking to start automating some of their business processes. The third option is air table so as many of you know air table is basically google sheets on steroids and conserve as simple spreadsheet or the back end for a web app. You're building. They have an internal automation tool that connects to popular tools. You use like gmo slack. Google calendar as well as moving data within air table. People run entire businesses just using air table their automation tool. I use it personally for our company placed and they are necessary for our business to function as efficiently as it does. I highly recommend air table and with our business we do events right so logistically speaking that can be a nightmare. But because of air table and air table automations. It makes the process seamless. And yes i highly recommend for sure other notable automation tools include. Ui bakery parabola directional and if this if this then that i know that's another really popular it's not gonna go into too much but they are very very simple way to build basic automations disaster but even a level below

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