Horace Cooper: What I Learned From My Dear Grandmother


Sadly with many of Our black friends on america first. We hit this refrain again and again and again that it was my grandma. It was my grandpa in your case. It was grandma virjee. Why is that what. Why is it that that we see such proclivity or a train that that generation is skipped and the black youth in america seem to be many cases brought on by grandparents. Well i would say this in my case my parents merit at an early age and even having done so my grandmother said is still have to do your part. You still have to do the responsible things and that included for my father. He was one of the few americans who voluntarily signed up for The army during vietnam and he shipped out and when he returned. I learned a lot about the importance of devotion to one's country about sacrifice and the like With regard to my mother she started school. I undergraduate ben a masters and then a phd. If you've got a family that you're also being a part of you can't necessarily say we're going to be done in about five six eight years. It took a while but my mother was determined and she was able to get it done and with my grandmother. Being willing to say. I'll take up some of the slack. You can drop the kids off with me. Sometimes we stayed during the summers for few weeks at a time.

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