The CDC Extends Eviction Moratorium Again Until Oct 3, 2021


Extended the eviction moratorium by another 60 days this week. It's now set to expire October 3rd. Cuomo's Holly Menino spoke with Washington Democratic congressman Rick Larson, Larson says through the American rescue plan, Congress appropriated billions of dollars for emergency rental assistance, he says the problem was the process to distribute that money wasn't set up on the local level, and that has delayed the distribution of these dollars. Now the processes are there. Local nonprofits working with local governments have a process in place to distribute these dollars to landlords. And so now we're just we just need a little more time to tell folks in and in Congress in a lot of ways, time is a resource that you can't create. And so we just need a little more time to allow these local nonprofits to distribute these dollars to landlords to help pay for that background through the emergency rental assistance program that report from co. Most Holly Menino. Some Republicans have argued against extending the moratorium, they say Since we have a covid vaccine, it's no longer necessary.

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