A highlight from Happy Hour #414: Kelli Masters


Hi friends and happy friday. Welcome to the first friday in august. I o that no matter what your friday looks like today. or whenever. you're listening to this actually that you had a really great day. I'm excited about our guest. Today kelly masters came to austin and sat down with me for this interview. And i was so intrigued with her story. Because you've heard me say this once. I've said it. A million times stories are so important and they really do change. The world and kelly is a story of perseverance and going after something that she believed in. And i think that's inspiring for all of us. Kelly is an attorney and a sports asia and in fact. She's only just one of a handful of female sports agents in also not only she a sports agent but she has her own company she was also named by bleacher report as one of the twenty five most women in sports business and her first book high impact life. It just released. We talk about some stories from her life. We talk about what led her to go into. This field of being a sports agent and her story is just encouraged. What's going to encourage you as well guys. I want to say. Thank you so much for choosing to listen to this podcast. I know that there are so many options for you to listen to podcasts. And the reason for that is because i listened to so many phenomenal podcast every single week and so it is a complete joy and honor to be in your ears today. I would love it if you have never subscribed to the show. If you would go do that whether you listen on spotify or overcast or apple podcast audible. Stitcher google podcast. Wherever you listen. I would g subscribe so that you make sure that every single week. We released to podcasts a week that you get the show as soon as it comes out. You don't have to go looking for it guys. We're grateful that you're here. I hope you love the story. Here's my conversation with kelly. Kelly welcome to the happy hour. Thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here well. Society to have you in the studio in austin texas. Yeah and you told me. The austin is special it special. I love austin first of all which is because it's like the best. It's the best and it's funny though. I was sort of indoctrinated growing up. Because i was in oklahoma sooners fan and so we were taught to hate the university of texas and burnt orange. And all of that. And then i came to austin was like this is amazing. I love it here and so many of my friends have either live here. We have relocated to austin and it's beautiful. it's fun it's eclectic. It's it's just got such a wonderful wonderful vibe and and some of my most important memories started here years ago. I was between my first and second year law school. I did an internship with a law firm here in austin and it was my first time really out of oklahoma. I'd lived in oklahoma my entire life and well except for a summer in europe. So coming to austin was basically like a out of the country exactly another one and but it was the summer that god really started getting a hold of really getting my attention. He'd been chasing me my entire life and he finally started grabbing my attention and we can probably get into later but there was a at an even know if it still exists. There was a christian music station here. And i think it was called k. Anneli recognize the hill country. I remember that was tagline. And i had never listened to christian music before and i've just found it sort of accidentally on my way home from a night on sixth street along with my fellow law clerks and couldn't stop crying. I was so touched. And i started looking at work and i go to church. How can i plug in and we can talk a little bit more about my story but that was when i really god was starting to really get my attention and become real to me. My whole life had been saying. Is there more. i'd gone to church. My heart had always been crying. Is there more. Is there more and god was saying i right here. I have more for you have more. It's like the cry of all of our hearts. I supported this. There has to be more this well. I'm happy austin has played a role in your life. And you don't think all of us texas fans are bad people anymore. I've represented texas players in oklahoma state players. And so my sooner friends. Thank you know what has happened to kelly. That who their centers hate more horns or the cowboys. Probably the longhorn k. Yeah there's that in states sort of brotherly rivalry with oklahoma state. And i have to give major props i love going to. Osu game now. I've represented some of my greatest players that i currently represents our from oklahoma state. And so i can do the waiting. We'd and the goal post symbols now with you know. I still can't really do the. It's hard to make their hands but no no hatred. For the longhorns any such a fun such a great program. Great history mack. Brown has become a great friend of mine even though he's now at north carolina but my goodness you know all the years here so i love that brown. We just had earlier in the summer Former longhorn was on the show and played under coach brown. I was like. I love coach brown so much. If you walked in here just wanna kiss on the cheek and asking him to start dancing. He's that kind of thing even though he's gone i still feel like he's love. Didn't he totally as well. We just jumped into your story.

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