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Covid hospitalizations for all ages increased nearly 37% with more than 62,000. Americans occupying increasingly precious beds. Foxes Jonathan Serrie in Mississippi, The federal government is staffing of Field Hospital to relieve an overwhelmed healthcare system. Iran is locking down as the country battles 1/5 wave of the virus. All movie theaters, gyms, restaurants, markets and public offices will shut down for six days starting tomorrow. Evacuations out of Afghanistan. The first forces of a Marine battalion have arrived in Kabul to remove diplomats from the US Embassy. They've been destroying sensitive documents and equipment. Biden administration is warning the Taliban against taking Afghanistan by force and maintain this violence will rob the insurgents of the international recognition the Taliban wants. Some Republicans say the Taliban has shown no concern for international acknowledgement as it steamrolls through the country. Fox is Rich Edson. Two more provinces were seized by the Taliban today and an assault is underway in a major northern city. There's division among House Democrats, and that could threaten the bipartisan infrastructure bill approved in the Senate this week. Progressives say they won't vote yes unless a far larger human infrastructure package is also approved. Moderate Democrats say they won't support the bigger plan unless the smaller $1.2 trillion

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