A highlight from The Highgate Vampire Panic!


We are headed to london england. Baby here we go the next location is how shall i put it super interesting. It's beautifully macab. And it has this peculiar urban legend attached to it so peculiar if i may add that to magicians years ago nearly fought to the death over it. The urban legend of which i speak is that of the highgate vampire. This is where i feel like. We should q. Some creepy news within the north of london. You'll find the magnificent seven cemeteries among them is the one and only highgate. This beliefs burial is thirty seven acres and it contains over one hundred seventy thousand people. It split into western in eastern environments. The list of long-term residents here. It's actually pretty impressive. And some of them provide excitement. Even in death karl marx. The german philosopher is buried here and his site is prone to regular and vicious attacks once in the nineteen sixties. The someone painted yellow swastikas on his massive greg gravestone which is topped by a bronze bust of him with a message. That said marks is a nazi lubber. In adores adolf eichmann. Come on people. The guy was jewish. And the nazis were well before his time. And another instance. Someone's set off a pipe bomb at the gravestone and made a failed attempt to cut the head off of the bust. The cut can still be seen to this very day. What is wrong with people. I mean i feel like. I asked myself this question far too. Often i digress. Sto- if we were to look at the northwestern wooded area this is the original form at the cemetery first opened in eighteen thirty nine as part of a plan to provide the area with seven. Large modern cemeteries that would of course be called. Hold on wait for it. The magnificent seven who these would be located around the outside of central london. The graveyard said tach to individual churches had long been unable to deal with the amount of burials and it got to the point where the deceased were being handled with. Disrespect architect entrepreneur. Stephen geary can actually be thanked for the overall design. In case you were wondering a may twentieth eighteen thirty nine highgate. West cemetery was dedicated to saint james. But the reverend charles. James blom field the lord bishop of wanda on fifteen acres were consecrated for the use of the church of england in two acres. Were set aside for dissenters rights beria were sold for either limited period or in perpetuity. The first beria was a elizabeth jackson of little windmill street. Soho a may twenty sixth highgate like the others in within the magnificent seven soon became a fashionable place for burials and was much admired and visited the victorian attitude toward death and its presentation led to the creation of a wealth of gothic tombs and buildings now occupies spectacular south facing hillside site slightly downhill from the top of the hill of hiking itself next to waterloo park in eighteen fifty four. The area to the east of the original area across swain's lane was bought to form the eastern part of the cemetery. Both cemeteries are still used today. For burials but these areas are closed to the public. Most of the open unforced at area in the east cemetery still has fairly few groups on the cemetery. Grounds are full of trees shrubbery and wildflowers. Most of which have been planted and grown without human influence. The grounds are e. haven for a multitude of different birds and small animals for about two decades. I cemetery was featured in the media constantly for its so-called association with the paranormal people young and old alike carried on about telling wild and lavish stories.

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