Wildfires Continue to Blaze in the Western US

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Of firefighters continue to work in northern california to surround the dixie fire. It is burn nearly nine hundred square miles. California fire officials say it is less than one third contained that's put thousands more homes in danger and fire officials are warning. New fires could erupt given extreme heat and unstable weather. The national interagency fire center says there are ninety. seven large. fires or complex is burning mostly in the west. The state's dealing with the largest number of wildfires are idaho and montana separately in utah. Thousands of people were told evacuate to escape a wildfire near salt lake city for member station k. u. e. r. Sonia hudson has more. The fire started on the side of a freeway outside salt lake city of saturday afternoon. It spread rapidly up a hill towards several communities. Fire officials quickly called in airplanes helicopters in hand crews from multiple states to battle the blaze. By saturday night they say fire activity had become minimum. And it stayed that way. Throughout the day on sunday state officials did keep nearby reservoir closed on sunday so that helicopters could get water from it to fight the

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