Snake Slithers out of Spice Shelves at Sydney Supermarket



A slithery surprise looking in the shelves of a supermarket in sydney australia. Twenty five year old. Elena alati was shopping for spices when a ten foot python emerge from behind the jars of spices flicking. It's tongue just inches from her face known to her friends. As the harry potter girl helena happens to be a trained wildlife handler with over twenty snake rescues to her credit and quickly recognized the reptile staring right at her. As a non venomous diamond python remaining calm she captured the unusual encounter on her phone before alerting store clerks and offering to help catch it after returning with our snake bag. One tap on the tail is all it took for the serpent to wriggle happily inside after safely. Depositing the creature back into the nearby bushland. Helena admitted that while she doesn't speak the harry potter language of serpents known as parcel tongue. She believes snakes gravitate towards her because they sense she cares about protecting animals.

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