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Hey with the racing post sales correspondence jakes thomas. Rejoined this time by henry. Baby chief executive golfs and chairman of garcia case. Hello henry hello james. I don't think any of us to develop this weekend for various reasons Did you miss or suffer any sense foam. Why do the last few years last year. But i didn't go this year. But we were represented there well. I probably watched more horse is going through the ring than might have been on the ground. We had tong tariff. On behalf of golf's they're driving with lions. Amanda zetter on new. French agent was obviously on site as well and so i certainly probably spent on more than i spoke to my wife over the weekend to find out what was going on who was buying and more importantly where they coming to ourselves. Doctor and golf's next week. In next month james i hear the takings draco with them in your seats. Something allow me. I look it was a shame not to be there but were in spanish times. All mean of the the delights don't cast look forward to you in a few days save more than make up for their exactly so henry. It's coming up to a huge impulsive time of year for you just outlined forest. What's coming up. Forgotten goff's uk and okay. Well it sounds next week. With the premise in doncaster. Which is our most important case of the year. The premise ailing sales in a market leading sale. And it's fair for a number of years and we're hugely excited in. The uk has followed by temporal training sale in the beginning of september. We'll have a full day of very strong horses and training headed as ever by a very strong judkins town dispersal than they have every year and immediately a day later we then sell fifty is in wales at the goal. She held the third renewal of that. Made stars across here engulfs. Where at the moment. We are preparing for the audience. Sportsman's healing sales very excited about those. We're working hard on the autumn healing sale. Who was in training sale. Look out on the farms. Camping november foles and breeding stalk cell is off the track. And we'll very soon be looking at national polls with the december national sales. So it's a busy time but this is a particularly busy time for us but we're very excited about it really looking forward to it sets the casual but follower listening keita's given rough guide to the character of those sales coming on the short term doncaster hasn't And then got soul be has its own nation. The prayer yelling sale is used to be called in legislating sale. It's got a great reputation and the as for selling Sharp early commercial types in the last few years that has evolved into horses on a little bit more longevity. It's got a great record for selling very good racehorses horses have gone it's been a maker of the likes of archangel acclamation bafta past graduates with the sale is known for her for selling very good too winners as regularly win at group one level group to level roy lasts and go onto to the very top with a good catalog. This year are headed by the likes of the brother to illuminate. We've some very nice dark. Angels in the cowboys. Expect particularly from where he stands yeoman's tan and this is consistently punches above its weight dream of dreams as a recent graduate. Forty four thousand. The diamond jubilee went up Zank claudette he won. The princess. margaret looks running this week and i was. I noted that bridget hannon described happy. Romance is definitely group in in wising. So that's that's the sale. Is the irish national. Yearling sale is the most important on and every year. It's one of your premium sales. It sells it normally sales at least one classic whenever year. Mother earth is the flag flexi pose this year. Graces the cover the winner of the one thousand guineas in the free rothschild and. We're delighted to have her sister. Viseu nation back in the sal. We've also got a sister to verdict flats brother to office and cheery we galileo's we've franco's we've always loved vegas with kidman's we've invisible spirits. It's loss of world-class sale and it supported this. Yea we're bringing bring bringing to the markets The gos- million so oni is in the ob sale. This year can run. And what will the europe's richest here already next year. Round at the core of the weekend before the sale was a guaranteed minimum of one million euro prize. Money down to tenth place also a group. What group of great one. Bonus the winner of the million next year goes on a three year old to win a group of great one race in auckland britain france. Australia united states. We'll give them a hundred thousand euro bonus on top of that as opposed to sell follows immediately after with one hundred thousand euro challenge race connected to that over six foot the millions over seven so that backs up with a real good bunch of commercial dealings over two days the lovie sell the. The premise are two flagship sales. The year that very very important very important to the industry and you mentioned that the news or the relaunched million races. Explain why you felt. Now is the right sunscreen initiative. When i think being being frank event is because last year was not a success in fact it was an enormous disappointment. It didn't hit the heights. it's hit in recent years. It was on an upward trajectory in the years leading up to last year with regular every year was a sentence it's all price of six average And it was doing real last year. It fell very slats. It wasn't it wasn't a good sale of we sat down and thought about what we need to do to rejuvenate. The cell was relocated last year to the uk and one of the usp's what is the shielding sale. The sales is killed. Paddock's bringing people to island for many of the best feelings in on interview author every year. So we did. A lot of a lot of a lot of reviewing chatting to leading vendors leading buys some significant players in the market. Said you need to look at something to make the be stand as again and so we talked at length we looked at various different options and eventually decided that the best thing to do. We have something really. The imagination. europe's richest chiro race is only open to be graduates and as one leading greatest enemy. It's not that people will think might go or i'd like to go. They'll have to come was his view. And that's going to be all hope. It certainly called the imagination of vendors and purchases event supported as as a very very cattle beside profile superb. There's some very good pedigrees in them. We're delighted to have them and the bias. So far The likes of tom he was doing with. Amanda marches in the united kingdom jacob west in the united states tic- in germany phillips vicky in scandinavia scandinavian player and australasia. And japanese agents. Have all said. It's really cool the imagination so we're hopeful that's what happens. If people come to kill their products for the two days of be safe at the two days of sportsman's. I i know one thing. I've seen a lot of the horses on a like what they say. There's a lot of very good potential. And i think a number of vendors have slightly tweaked what they sent to us senators. Who they think you're gonna make quality two year olds and then turn onto be kasich three year olds and that's how pretty good. I'm we touched on last year silva obviously we can't talk about twenty twenty without bringing a covert just went to get your thoughts on how coveted impacted gulfs in gaza. Can possibly your life person-years. Well i i. I think the first thing is you know we have. I was going to say no different. We're we're better off than most people. So i think you. I think everything's relative and we caveat we're going to say thank people have had all over the world a horrendous time with curved we all know people who have had covert Some of us know people who have died from covered so it's been a very traumatic time remedy global so in in context in our own world. It's been very challenging and particularly challenging for sales held in on and each government around the world is taking their own routes to navigate their way through the covered. Pandemic and on unknown decided. I think one government is going to rise a one government's role but the government To the very much more conservative approach and so it made it very difficult or more difficult. I should say to wholesales on for a period of time. Probably for all the right reasons than i did in england.

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