What 9/11 Did to One Family

The Experiment


Is one the thousands of people who lost someone. They love on september eleventh. Two thousand one twenty years ago now. Big brother bobby. Mcilvaine died that day in new york city at the age of twenty six. He was like reaching out insane. I want to show you my office and was specifically onto the because it was the last time i saw. He told this story to atlantic staff writer jennifer senior. Who wrote about the mcilveen for the atlantic magazine. How did this story come into your life. Well i mean the most obvious way it came into my life is that i knew bobby mcilvaine. He was my brother's roommate in college. He was my brother's roommate in new york city. When they were young then starting out. I would visit my brother at princeton. Bobby would be there and he would. Just be ridiculously precocious charming. He wanted to be a writer. But one of the things that bob learned early in his life in publishing is that a lot of people in publishing came from upper middle class families. They had cushions of money beneath their toes. And bobby's family didn't have that kind of money and bobby knew. He wanted to make a living and so he went into corporate. Pr after two years of being in book publishing. And that's how bobby ended up working for merrill lynch and going to work conference on one of the top floors of the north building of the world trade center on the morning of september eleventh. I went down had coffee and was going over my work like many americans on that morning. Bobby's mom. Helen was starting workday as a teacher and they had the tv set on in every classroom. And i my knees buckled and light. I had to be helped. Bobby's dad bob senior. Also a teacher at the time was also at work. It was on tv. I call home. Of course i try to bobby. We get colon now. The phone was ringing. No one could reach bobby. His parents is friends his girlfriend or his brother. Jeff

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