Should Beauty Retailers Boycott Unsustainable Brands?


So i think first of all. Can you tell us a little bit about pretty well. Bt and about what you do. And then i really wanna get stuck into the sustainability story with you. Sure so yeah. Pretty what beauty at multibrand conscious beauty and wellness marketplace that. I launched a little over two years ago based here in new york city but we are global or getting there we shipped to canada into the uk as well as throughout the us and we launched. We launched with twelve brands. Now we have a little over thirty ranging in skin care. Makeup haircare bath and body products his products. A whole lot of it all. So yeah. i'm really excited about you. Know what i'm building and just sort of where it's going and i'm really excited about a lot of the brands. I just started taking on. Of course you know. The brands carry including one of your graduates. Lawrence buys so ya. Eric clayton fulsome so obviously in a clean piece is very important but so is sustainability. So can you tell me a little bit about first of all. Wise sustainability is one of your core pillars of what you're trying to achieve with that. Well i think it really just kind of goes back to the whole concept and understanding that without sustainability practices in place. We may not have a place for our future. Children and grandchildren to be able to live and be able to thrive so way thinking about how improve our lives in more circular way in eliminate overharvesting. Waste is something that i'm very very passionate about and so of course because this is something that's very passionate about you know in my personal life it's gonna bleed over into my business because my business was born out of my own need and necessity to define beauty products that spoke to my ideals and standards for clean 'em sustainability so. Yeah it's very important that something that we speak quite a bit about what. i'm betting. the brands pretty won't even something that's sort of a continuous conversation. How not only myself. But also the brands themselves can continue to improve in. Push the envelope in that conversation lowered so that they can continue their mission of

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