Amazon Bringing Cashier-Less ‘Just Walk Out’ Tech to Whole Foods


Foods is going to be getting the amazon. Just walk out technology. I two stores will be in california in washington. Dc and the the glover park neighborhood of washington dc and in sherman oaks california. This is the the store where you go. You're grab and you go you. Did you try stacey in i. Yeah i there but this is actually bigger so it's the same technology but it's it's a whole it's applied over. Yeah how many cameras. How do you count. How many bananas you got. Let's imagine the computational workload that's happening behind the scenes 'cause. I mean how many people in a grocery store at any given time like two hundred. So when you get to the whole foods you'll you'll scan the The app or insert a credit card linked to your amazon account or and this is very controversial. Place your palm. over palm. scanning system called amazon one yemen came back so but but you could also just scan the app. You need to identify yourself. Somehow i think probably safer to use you. Know phones Authentic happen and it's totally fine. It is annoying catholic eighteen different amazon apps on my phone. True if you opt out of the cashier lists technology There aren't any cashiers. You'll have to use self-checkout or go over to a customer service

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