Shea Dunifon on Outreach to the Younger Generation

Words on Water


Tell us about yourself chez. Where do you work. What's your role. Semi formal title is education coordinator. And i worked for pinellas county utilities out of the south cross by advanced water reclamation facility in st petersburg florida's. Let's a really really really long name. And i do a little bit of everything to be honest when i started here mostly k. Through twelve so kindergarten twelfth grade education. But i also work a lot. What the local technical schools colleges universities basically anyone that has a title water. Which is everybody. That's absolutely right so for our listeners. Could you give us a little more sense of the municipality like how many treatment plans the capacity of the one that you sit out those types of things and whereas pinellas county in florida. So we'll start with where county is. We are just outside of tampa. So we're like little peninsula on the peninsula's i call it so west. Coast of florida kind of west central. If you're looking at a map of florida right on the very coast golfing mexico and pinellas county. Utilities owns and operates. Three facilities. One is drinking water facility. That's up on our north county. And then also in the north county we have our done facility which is wastewater and water reclamation and then down in the south county we have facility. That is it. It is the south cross by events. Water reclamation facility so between done and south across south crossed is a thirty three. Mgd plant so it is also the largest in the entire county not just owned and operated by the county but it is the largest is so that's one thing that makes us really cool. We have a lot of really unique features here facility for instance we have a On so we actually make fertilizer which is something that when we do towards people think is really interesting because they actually get to see kind of what happened to their number two which most people don't think about right but we also have things like our tetra denied filters so that's what makes us advance so we get to point out those kinds of things we also have primary tanks. We have two parallel trains. Emily i know i'm getting into the technical stuff but those are really cool things to point out even to the public and to the engineering community.

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