Shang-Chi, Marvel's New Asian Superhero Movie Kicks Up $30 Million on Opening Day

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Marvel's new superhero movie shanxi and the legend of the ten rings is running rings around the competition this weekend. Npr's bob mondello has more. Hey it's a marvel movie. There isn't really any competition but cianci is doing much better than expected. Marvel's first asian superhero kicked his way to a nearly thirty million dollar opening day in north america. That suggests a three day. Take about sixty five million. The previous record for labor day weekend is less than half that. It's time to show the world who i really am. All of this comes with caveats. Labor day is the year's lowest grossing holiday which makes breaking records easier and as big as these numbers are they don't quite match marvel's black widow for midsummer still black widow had a home viewing option from day one so it dropped quickly in theaters. Shang cheese expected to keep kicking for awhile. They won't be streaming until mid. October bob mondello. Npr

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