TripWire CEO Steps Down After Supporting Texas Abortion Law

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Ceo of tripwire interactive got out on twitter and tweeted his support for the antiabortion laws and bounty stuff in texas which seems like a pretty grotesque law in a lot of ways and said he was proud of the supreme court for affirming the texas law banning abortion for babies with harvey bubble This lead to immediate Like whoa whoa. What from ship right studios. Which is another georgia based developer That appears to be like a developer for higher that does do some contract work for a number different companies trip wire was one of those companies they got out there and said like with this is not us. We are looking to cancel contracts immediately because we do not want to do business with with someone out there and then yesterday's sixth one day later Tripwire officially got out there and said the comments given by john gibson are of his own opinion and do not reflect those of tripwire interactive as a company. His comments disregarded the values of our whole team our partners and much of our broader community. Our leadership team tripwire are deeply sorry and our unified in our commitment to take swift action and to foster a more positive environment effective immediately. John gibson step down a ceo of tripwire interactive co founding member and current. Vice president alan wilson will take over as interim ceo and then there's some ongoing stuff about you know alan having been with the company for a good long time And that they are taking steps to with employees and partners to address their concerns including executing company-wide townhall meeting and promoting open dialogue with leadership and all employees. His understanding of both the company's culture and the creative vision of our games will carry the team through this transition with full support from other tripwire. The other tripwire

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