Hollywood and Big Tech Rely on Big Government in California


Other people in Hollywood don't have to live under the conditions they vote for. They get on a private jet. They fly around. What's the big deal? So taxes go up, they deduct them. What's the big deal? We'll just charge a few more million for the next movie. The next Snickers commercial. Whatever it is We can afford anything they throw at us. Yes, of course you interfere with them. And their mansions in Malibu and Beverly Hills and then my God, none of Then you got big tech. Tech. Big tech relies on big government. Not only for sales, why do they rely on big government for special protections? The federal government were to say today. Hey, no more business with Communist China. Alright, you're giving aid and comfort to a now a nuclear power that's naming big taming big nukes in our cities. That is the enemy. So they're all in bed with big government. They're all in bed with the Democrats. The Democrats are big

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