Biden Hammered for Spending Time at Camp David While Taliban Take Over Afghanistan


Meanwhile biden has been reported will again leave the white house for wilmington delaware today as the military and the state department are desperately trying to clean up the mess from the disastrous withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan. He spent most of the last week in wilmington camp. David presidential retreat as the crisis in afghanistan spirit spiraled out of control as fox news reports amid intense pressure to return to the white house monday. He flew into town delivered a teleprompter speech only to immediately fly back to camp david that same day video splashed across the internet of afghans who clinging to a departing american airplane before falling from the sky their deaths and now today after less than seventy two hours at the white house this week. He's only spent seventy two hours at the white house all week. He's going back to his personal residence in wilmington delaware. My gosh

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