Breakfast Buffet (MM #3805)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. I woke up this morning wanting to go to a breakfast buffet. Don't know why I haven't been to one in years. I've been to some high end buffets at very nice swanky hotels that were just amazing with made to order omelet bars. They were sort of brunch and sort of breakfast buffet. Now it's true. I've also been to the really cheap ones. Like they used to have a place like the shoney's big boy that was overcooked nasty eggs that was still pretty good. It wasn't great but it was good and I realized I'm probably never going to eat at a breakfast buffet again. One I don't need to be enticed if you will by all that extra food. So I try to avoid buffets these days. The big buffet restaurants have come and gone they're not able to make any money anymore. And besides that I don't need to tempt myself. But the breakfast buffet thanks to COVID-19 it could be a long gone conclusion. I know golden corral has opened up their buffet restaurants again or at least they're starting to but I gather some things a little bit differently that's what people are telling me not that I'm going to go anytime soon. But it kind of yearned for the old breakfast buffet because when you didn't know what you wanted to eat you could always have a little bit of everything and I do mean everything

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