Ghost Kitchens See Light of Day During Pandemic


Of ghost kitchens is expanding exponentially, as is investment in the concept. What's a ghost kitchen and then those? No, It's not a place where ghost is the chef Michelle Romano, Tech entrepreneur and co founder of Clear Coat. These are very small kitchens that are designed to serve only customers. That order from them from platforms like seamless or uber eats. And so there's no need for a storefront. There's no need for guests eating, Romano says. That means you don't have to invest a million dollars to start up a ghost kitchen like you would a regular restaurant. You can set up a ghost kitchen now. $50,000. Now This isn't just about startups and entrepreneurs. Grocery giant Kroger will begin preparing restaurant meals from Ralph's location in Los Angeles this fall. More kitchens will be added in stores later this year in a joint venture with Kitchen United, which specializes in ghost kitchens. As many as six different restaurant companies, including local, regional and national brands will be featured. Gregg

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