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Good morning and welcome to news. I'm kim today is wednesday. August twenty fifth twenty twenty one and we begin with a tom. Cruise encounter of the coolest kind. According to the bbc. The mission impossible actor was chop roaring across the united kingdom. When his pilot found out the airport they were headed to was closed. The crew needed touchdown and sent word to a nearby family to see if it was okay to use their field. It was and as soon as mr cruz popped out of his seat. He be lined it to the kids for a round of elbow bums then to make the spontaneous meet-and-greet that much better. He offered them a ride with his pilot. Mom alison web says. The whole thing was surreal. And she can't believe it happened. Mr cruz is in europe trying to finish seven. It's been delayed multiple times due to cove it. The new release date is may twenty seventh twenty twenty two a message from hawaii to anyone looking for a little aloha. The state's governor addressed the cameras yesterday and basically begged tourists to stay home. It's not a good time to come to the islands. He said and those who do will not experience. The kind of holiday they were expecting cove infections are surging. Hospitals are filling up restaurants are limiting capacity and rental. Cars are still hard to come by. When will it all end. Dr anthony xiaojie has a prediction if vaccinations speed up on the back of the fda's full pfizer authorization. He believes the. Us will return to some normalcy by spring of twenty twenty two an eleven year. Old catcher is making quite a name for herself at the little league world series ella bruening of abilene texas is the only girl competing in this year's tournament. And she's getting props for playing like a rockstar. She went to for two and scored a run in her first game and took a foul ball off the knee but refused to come out in the second. She's already caught the eye of the majors with the league. Sharing videos of some of her incredible moves behind home plate even cubs catcher wilson contrary us and yankees great whore hype asada weighed in with fire. Emojis ella isn't the first girl to join the boys in williamsport. She's the twentieth but only the eighth to get ahead and only the third to get multiple hits. There's some very good news to report regarding that afghan. All girls robotics team the nation of cutter gave them visas. Sent them a plane and got them out of war-torn kabul and now they are determined as ever to show the world why afghan girls can do according to nbc news even as refugees in another country. The team plans to compete at a tournament in september. Right now. they're working on a five foot tall robot. They uses ultraviolet light to remotely sweep rooms and destroy viruses. But these young ladies still have a lot of love for their homeland and we'll someday go back and when they do the teams chief programmer says they intend to change the future of afghanistan for the better until now scientists thought only humans shared greetings but researchers in the united kingdom just found out that apes say hi and bye to instead of speaking though the chimpanzees and bonobos used their is hold hands or butt heads the findings and is science suggests the apes. Use these acknowledgements to make agreements. Like when they're going to start and stop a play date. The scientists studied more than twelve hundred interactions and the stats. Show that the bonobos say hello ninety percent of the time chimps sixty nine percent and just like with human friends the apes goodbyes tend to be short and informal all of this research opens a new can of worms if apes and humans. Say hi and bye. It's time to see if other animals say hey to in other kid news notes. Perhaps it's not a stretch for someone who's given so much to his sport but word came down yesterday. That skateboard legend. Tony hawk is selling one hundred limited edition boards made with his own blood. According to the company he partnered with its mixed into the paint. The asking price is five hundred dollars some of which goes toward reducing plastic pollution and building skate parks in low income communities before we get to our quiz a reminder that kid news is a nonprofit that runs on your generosity all donations. Big and small are appreciated. Now today's kid news quiz. Who made a surprise chopper. Visit to a family in the united kingdom sgt tom cruise what. Us state is asking tourists not to come st- hawaii who is ella

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