A highlight from The Crisis in Afghanistan Has Us Face Human Weakness


The american withdrawal from afghanistan's forcing us to look once again and to the face of the human capacity for evil the call center. I'm john stonestreet. This is break point. All of president. Biden's rationalizations aside many painful questions. Remain about afghanistan. What will taliban rule mean for afghan women and children for christians for dissidents for journalists. And what will happen especially to those afghan citizens who served in stood with the us for the last two decades. And is there really any reason to think that this extremist regime has evolved any sense as they have claimed in as many hope with the desperate scenes at kabul airport or certainly hard to take in to describe america's exit strategy as negligence is charitable more accurately. It's better to call it something between folly and abandonment. He's just the latest chapter in a war. With as many belts put at a history of political ambivalence all the way back in two thousand and six one frustrated soldier described it this way. We're at war and america's at the mall now it might have been our culture of self-absorption that is so such a catastrophic exit but it's the afghan people that are reaping the whirlwind in his book of free people suicide oz guinness observed in historical reality that we're seeing being played out in afghanistan right now and that's this winning. Freedom is not all that rare in history. Maintaining freedom is what is rare or as us president james monroe lamented how prone all human institutions have been to decay how difficult it has been for mankind and all ages and countries to preserve their dearest rights and best privileges impelled as it were by an irresistible fate of despotism again and again throughout history are human frailties foolishness and fallen ness corrupt. Even our best endeavors. Israel thought it had a righteous king david but his sin rot personal familial and national havoc emerging from roman persecution. Some christian leaders turned around and persecuted. There pagan neighbors. Saint augustine of hippo finished city of god and then watch from. His deathbed has vandals destroyed. What was left of the roman world even us president. James monroe a painful contradiction. He was the president that desired abolition but stubbornly refused to free his own slaves each and every story of human failure and there are many of them reminds us again just how desperate our world is for recreation. You see a quick paint job won't do. We're not capable of cleaning up our own messes or putting back together that which we broken even the best human rulers the best institutions. The greatest. Heroes of history cannot save us. Only the god of the cosmos can if he's not on his throne ruling and redeeming then all is lost. See jesus mission to earth has to be properly understood if we're gonna make any sense of this whatsoever. His is more than just a merely inspiring story of sacrifice service and humility even more than the story of how we can find forgiveness and avoid eternal punishment. Now let me be clear. The story of jesus certainly isn't about less than these things. What i'm saying is it's about so much more. The story of jesus is the story of the cosmos. It's the story that best describes reality even in and particularly in it's broken this. As ominous also observe christianity's the only religion whose god bears the scars of evil and the context of the fall especially this is significant by suffering within his creation and with his image bears being despised and abandoned tasting the bitterness of human failure and corrupt institutions feeling anger and injustice and sadness in human. Frailty jesus experienced evil in its fullness and his death he became the only fully innocent victim of evil and by resurrecting from the dead. Jesus became the only secure source of our hope that evil will indeed be overcome and ultimately defeated though all human institutions will fail. Christ will make all things new. See everything truly christian flows from these bedrock. Truth are ethics any strength that we have to push back against evil and broken us any good. That's within us. It's only because the judge of the universe is perfect that our quest for earthly justice as any meaning. It's only because of what christ has done for us that we can truly love and care for our neighbors. America's got some serious soul-searching to do in light of this afghanistan failure even more. We've got some serious course correcting to do specifically we're going to have to reckon with the humanitarian crisis that we help create and we'll need to find ways to support the tiny embattled christian remnant there at the same time the only way to bear this overwhelming weight of human evil in this world is to embrace the long christian view of history and to fix our eyes on the christ who his added center all other ways lead. Either to judgmental cynicism or self-centered hedonism only the story of crisis big enough to make sense of the evil in the world only is nail scarred hands or strong enough to hold the course of humanity as edward. She leader ronin his masterful poem. Jesus of the scars to our wounds. Only god's wounds can speak and not a god has wounds but christ alone for the colson center. I'm john stonestreet with breakpoint.

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