A highlight from Episode 46: Are You My Mummy? - Part 1

Something Who


What's the matter richard. You should be glad to be back in the something who bunker bunker. Isn't my home paul. i'm a pub caster. Ooh no you're put costa so we you don't understand the implications by edit this podcast walk in eternity. What's that supposed to mean. It means that it feels like editing for something like seven hundred and fifty years and you're already very injured. His time he finds something better to do than competitor his stories that thing it looks like the face of tech some fast. Impulsive energy is drawn as back through history. You're saying this is the bunker but years before we knew it yes but it's so different company. The same place must be the old studio. There's something who bunk was built on the site. Maybe suit turkeys forcing us to compare his story with something. Modern just died up nine hundred eighty on the podcast timeline. And leave when nine hundred. That's when we're from isn't it. We can't why not because if tech isn't stopped he'll destroy the podcast but he didn't did he. I mean we know. The podcast hasn't ended do we. Of course we do all right if we leave. Now let's see what the podcast will sound. Like in nineteen eighty. It's a trick. No that's the podcast. Assu tech would leave it desolate sound wave on a dead server called be. I'm from one thousand nine hundred eighty. Sure well i'm flashing was up a bit but you know thereabouts. Can we change the course of history to a small extent. Maybe if we like pyramids of mars more than the modern equivalent suitable pastor podcast instead. So we've got to finish the recording. Yes l.

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