Whenever You Fall Down, Pick Something Up


Familiar with the idea of whenever you fall down you've just got to pick yourself back up again. But what about this one from famed canadian. American medical researcher and physician also bold theodore avery. Whenever you fall down peak something up. What i love about. It is the idea that when you are up here you sometimes forget how things operate down the and so if you happen to fall down spend a bit of time down there understanding what's going on down there understanding what is happening that relates to this upper world. That you've come from you fell down. Pick something up. That can help you on that journey as you grow. Gather some more information gathered some more data some more research the more insights and there's even another dimension to it if you wanna flip it just a little bit pick someone else up so the idea that when you fall down you not only have to pick yourself up you not only have to pick up other things around you but pick someone else pick someone else up. That has that is down. They maybe they've fallen down to or maybe they just haven't been able to get up but when you fall down just pick yourself up have a look around. See what's the pick something up and see if you can pick someone else up as well. Great

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