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This is wet notes here on scuba shock radio from monday september thirteenth. Two thousand twenty one first up today is in another idea for diving with a purpose in one of the most recent newsletters from the coral restoration foundation the coral chronicles. There was a report that cr f. is teaming up with the atlantis. Dive resort in douma getty to offer a unique opportunity to participate in a week long program at the result in helping them build and maintain the largest coral nursery endowing. Actually the town where. Atlantis is located. The program is being sponsored by the coral restoration foundation. The loveland living planet aquarium and the meat foundation. The program runs from september twenty fourth to october. First two thousand twenty two there are planned educational sessions on coral ecology along with restoration efforts and techniques. You also conduct restoration. Dives along with some fun dies. This sounds really fascinating. One of the pictures into newsletter showed the table coral at apo island. I vividly remember that area when we dove air in two thousand nineteen there wasn't any pricing available in the article and you'll have to contact the hotel directly if you have the time and desire to dive with a purpose check out this program and market on your calendar. Long time ago. Donna and i lived in hawaii that was in the mid nineteen eighties. At that time we got to experience. What was probably one of the first while in walls in honolulu. If you're not familiar with wilem walls you can check them out. The wall was a large mural of the humpback whale on the side of a building near waikiki. It was quite impressive. Well it might not be a while and wall but if you happen to be near brant rock in mansfield massachusetts you can catch a the view of a mural of a large shark painted on the side of an old restaurant according to wicked local dot com. The mural was painted by a local artist. Shane leonard. Shane was a former football player at boston college. Who has a passion for painting and a passion for sharks. Now the muros on the side of the former arthur and patch restaurant that closed back in two thousand fifteen. The shark faces divers as they head down ocean street which is a one way street. So you can't miss it say. Shane says he likes the way shark. Show emotion. the photo is pretty impressive. there's no guarantee that the building won't be torn down. Now that is unoccupied but according to shane. Even if it doesn't survive it was worth doing so if you happen to be near mansfield mass check out the shark mural on ocean street about a month ago. Patio wear foundation announced their fourth annual aware week. Now this year it will run from september. Eighteenth through september twenty six two thousand and twenty one the whole idea behind aware week is to empower the global dive community to lead or take part in conservation activities in courses focused on local action for global impact in the past aware has focused on two elements marine debris and vulnerable marine species this year in concert with patties blueprint for ocean action. They're adding three more components. Climate change marine protected areas and coral reefs. Some of the ways. That dive shops can participate or by conducting aware classes like dive against debris coral conservation or the aware specialty. Also like us. You can become a one hundred percent aware dive centre where you provide a monthly contribution in support of the patty certifications you award. We are very proud to be one hundred percent aware. But here's something that. Patty aware foundation needs to work on. We need more notice as to win. Aware week is happening. I wasn't sure what was happening this year and our calendar filled up and we weren't able to get things scheduled as i mentioned at the top of the show. We've already created are twenty twenty two calendar and it would be nice to know when aware week twenty twenty two is happening. I also mentioned at the top to show that the re photo contest results were in and that i didn't win while scuba diving magazine. Magazine's two thousand and twenty one through the lens contest is also complete. The winners were recently released at scuba diving. Dot com and the photos will be revealed in september october special photo issue. They received one thousand seven hundred and nineteen photos from around the world. The contest categories included behavior compact camera macro and wide angle. The entries were judged on beauty originality and unique encounters. I check them out and they are spectacular. I only wish. I had the talent impatience to do that kind of work. Now if you wanna get a jump onto twenty twenty two contests they will start accepting entries january third two thousand twenty two and you can submit your photos through may thirty first two thousand and twenty two and finally we recently received our two thousand twenty two aqualung buyer's guide along with information on all the new products coming down from aqualung apex. So i thought. I'd give you a little preview on what's on the horizon. I from aqualung. They are releasing a new regulator the helix pro and the helix it looks like the helix pro is a mid range regular and i think it's replacing their core. It is a balanced first and second stage in his environmentally sealed with four low pressure ports and two high pressure ports. It was built for cold water and has the automatic closure device or a cd. lower end. helix is not environmentally sealed. And it doesn't have a cd and it's designed for warmer water. Also coming out in two thousand and twenty two is their new. Aqua fluck aqua flex men and aqua flex woman wetsuits. I think it's a redesign of their tried and true. Aqua flex line they also have a two millimeter. Free flex wetsuit now. The i one hundred computers going to come in a new color yellow and speaking of colors. They've added a number of different colors to various products including something called sand petrol red and orange as for eight packs. They also have a new regulator the xl four osha and it is billed as a totally sustainable regulator bay from post consumer waste it comes in grey or mint with some great etching. On the first stage. I suspect it's just like the xl four plus being an overbalanced diaphragm regulator with two hp and four l. p. ports. It looks pretty. Sharp and apex is releasing a new dive computer to the sx. It will be program can program up to six gases and monitor six transmitters. The has a titanium basil making it lightweight endurable but also has a color display. There's something more that require. Some more research It says it has in oh to analyze or onboard. But no to sell gotta check that out a little bit. There's a lot more out there and over time. I'll give you more updates from both aqualung and apex. Well that wraps up wet notes. Here on scuba shock. Radio for monday september thirteenth. Two thousand twenty one

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