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Number four deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty. One john pauleen. Welcome ladies and gentlemen. We're going to start less than four to love. The lord. Your god in the quarter on present truth in deuteronomy and dr john. Pauline is our moderator and rusty. If you would please offer our opening prayer father having what a privilege it is to meet in your name coveting your spirit your help and as we come to understand you more into love you more be with our presenter dr john aline it'd be with us as we comment that is all for your glory and honor in. Jesus name all right. This is the fourth in a series of studies on the book of deuteronomy. And as we've mentioned before this is not a chapter by chapter approach the deuteronomy but rather a semantic approach the same of the previous one of course was covenant and the scene of this one is love because love is one of the key themes in the book of both god's love for us and the love god invites us to return to him so going to number one in your handouts is a very simple question. Let's take a few moments to ponder. What does the meaning of the english word love. What does love mean to you. Robert like the definition that love is an intelligent appreciation. Neither prison or action thing okay. Intelligent appreciation of another person or thing. So you can love but a definition and many of us do anyone else. The english word love. Larry scott refers to love as the desiring of the spiritual development or purity in. Okay anyone else. Meaning of the english word for love ashley. I think granted disadvantage because we have only one word to express a broad range of meaning but to me love is a covenant of understanding in which people are allowed to their most intimate feelings and thoughts without fear of rejection or censure to be short. Okay thank you another ashley. But it's time ashley fuller. Yeah it was actually looking is up ahead of time and it was interesting. I saw someone argue that it's not like we don't have more words for love we just choose not to use them in so it's made our word for love kind of luted but it's definitely interesting to see how various people different technicians for what it means. It's definitely contextual Verb d- d- again. How you use it one. Rather sad definition. I saw was nintendo feeling of deep affection which i thought maybe didn't express the version of love. I think of off the top of my head. But i think that's abstract wirtz so it's going to mean different things to different people. I guess the question we could ask in light of that very interesting comment. Does god have intense feelings of affection toward us in other words can that definition of love applied to god's love as well as human love. I definitely won't be the one to limit god anyway. Good anyone else. Meaning of the english word for love leonard. God didn't have intense feelings. Why did he tears at the gravesite can say some of the things he said about his people who for wandering away from him. My heart breaks was in me. I think it's one whole testament text. God speaking iris. Yeah i think there are some text in the old testament where god is jealous as a rejected lover which display intense emotions. And it's very interesting. We celebrated my mom's birthday this week. And one of my sisters has a handicapped daughter. She was the first grandchild in the family. And it's very interesting how my mom reflects on that particular very vulnerable grandchild which she helped to raise under great great sacrifices because when she was born my sister was starting nursing school and it was a difficult time and a

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