A highlight from Into Gander Lake: Krista & Karen Hart


True crime brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment listener discretion is advised. Welcome to true crime. Burry i'm jill and i'm dick. Nelson heart was charged for the murders of his twin three year old daughters who died of drowning on august fourth. Two thousand and two. He claimed he had taken his girls. Karen and krista to the wharf at little harbor to play on the swing set when krista fell off of the wharf nelson got scared and ran for help. He didn't know how to swim. Nelson drove to his home for help his wife jennifer returned with him to the war by the time. They got their both of their daughters. Were in the water. Karen was already dead. And krista died hours later in the hospital so this was a tragedy but the canadian police believed it was also a crime. Join us at the quiet end for into gander late months after christian. Karen's deaths a mister. Big operation began with the goal of getting a confession from nelson heart. The first contact between nelson for the mr big sting was when one of the operatives offered to pay nelson to help find a missing person after that he was asked to make deliveries on a regular basis nelson. Who had lived his entire life in poverty was paid very well. He began to feel like the operatives were his friends. Earning money beyond his greatest expectations nelson was anxious to become a full time. Member of this mr big gang. Eventually he was talked into giving a confession to prove his loyalty to this fictional criminal organization. Mr big sting operations have been banned in most countries while these coerce confessions can provide compelling evidence of guilt there often unreliable and they have been responsible for wrongful convictions. But they're at least two sides to this story and that's what we're going to explore today so my canadian beers. Winco troy stolas brewed by yoon. Abreu which is in shambles could beck. It's a strong el nine percent alcohol by these offenders to drink. Everyone's i wouldn't like a steady diet of 'cause it pretty heavy even without being too high alcohol but they tend to do well. Nine percent is not anything to sneeze at true now. This beers a dark brown had beer. Little hand head. Very nice aroma loud dark fruit and some alcohol is noticeable and taste wise raisin current. There's dark fruits and alcohol. So the alcohol is there in its bid on a noticeable side. But it doesn't intrude on the taste. What is a little bit of putter for me is that is pretty bubbly beer. Which is unusual with these dark heavy beers. Now that's what i figured but it was still very nice beer and when we lived in maine this one of the canadian breweries with like to see on the shelves at brew. Good beers okay. It's not my cup of tea. Necessarily but i am willing to have a little bit where we have designated driver for us. So why don't i drink it and you can just take it easy. Okay sounds good. Let's open it up all right all

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