Dynamite (MM #3832)

The Mason Minute


The mason minute. With Kevin mason. The other day, one of my friends posted a picture on Facebook that took me back to the early 1970s it was the cover of a magazine we all used to read back then called dynamite and I hadn't thought about dynamite probably since about 1975, maybe 1976. So went back and looked it up and found out that, wow, I was one of the first people to ever subscribe to this magazine that was put up by the scholastic book company. We used to get a lot of scholastic stuff, and this was their first foray into magazines for students for pre teens and teens. I didn't realize dynamite magazine went on until the 1990s. So if you went to school in the 70s or in the 80s, you probably are familiar with dynamite. Of course, I was right on the edge of dynamite magazines, target readership, so I was only there for maybe a year year and a half before I got too old. But I figured out it was probably the first magazine I ever subscribed to as a kid. Maybe it's where I got my love for pop culture. I probably goes back further than that, but it definitely helped, and what kids into the 80s and even to the early 90s saw dynamite and maybe it changed their lives too.

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