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A high school in Virginia, the big story at two o'clock and Allison Wyatt. Traffic and weather together, powered by temp star heating and cooling products. Earlier accidents all cleared up Everything lighting up to speed on and off the highways right now, some scattered rain in the area. So just use some extra caution. If you see problems on the road called the three C Body shop Traffic tip line at 8 to 1 11 11, Go to three c body shop dot com. Traffic from Tom Star and Custom Air. I'm Olivia Musica NewsRadio. 6 10 W. T. V. N. Adecco has thousands of automotive and manufacturing jobs with openings now apply to a Deco today by dialing pound 2 50 from a mobile phone and saying keyword great jobs, You'll have the option to receive a one time auto dial text message from my heart media. I'm ABC six first Warning forecaster Caroline Cohen and we're in for a cloudy start to your work week, but feeling A lot more comfortable as high temps through Monday afternoon. Only top out in the low eighties a bit more seasonal. For this time of year. We do have the chance of some isolated rain and a few showers lingering tonight with a low in the upper sixties, whether powered by the basement doctor, It is 79 in Delaware 79 degrees at your severe weather station news radio 6 10 w. T. V N Two people were shot at a high school today in Virginia. It happened at Heritage High School in the city of Newport News. Their injuries are not believed to be life threatening, and they're currently at the hospital. The rest of the students have been evacuated. One person dead two others in the hospital today after a shooting last night in Linden Heard about 10 to 12. Gunshots, rollout We found Victoria

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