Inside Look at World’s First 3D-Printed Rocket


Now to our series the new space race in our exclusive inside. Look at something that could revolutionize space travel. It's the world's first three d. printed rocket. Here's jacob board. It wants took thousands of american engineers more than a decade to get something into space. Now this company says it's huge three d. printers can make a rocket in two months. Maybe less we have a fourth generation printer if you haven't talked about publicly yet but it's ten times faster printing than this so instead of building a rocket few slides in sixty days. It'll take six days. Not only can the company make the big parts of a rocket like a nosecone but they can also make all the intricate components of the engines to one zero. The first launch plan for twenty twenty. Two relativity rockets is like a lower budget competitor to spacex carrying satellites for nasa the department of defense and a half dozen private companies at about a quarter of competing launch prices. But with one point three billion in funding it doesn't exactly feel low budget clients. I'm assuming are going to pay you enough to somehow make this all work more than enough to justify it. We make twelve million dollars launch from the customers. We signed up. We've signed up more launches than any other company in history before flying. Ellis doesn't just want to make deliveries into orbit though. I want to put a million people in mars. How far out into space do you think a commercial space industry can take it. It's really about the time line. And i think i liked it very much to back when we found founded the new world with christopher columbus. Yes certainly it'll be government. I dislike the new world was and then it'll transform into commercial. Ancient ambitions built on new

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