A highlight from Happy Hour #411: Encounter (Matt Krieg)


Another episode of the happy are jamie. I beat podcast. I'm your host jamie and you are a part of our summer series called encounter. This has been such a just breath of fresh air this summer to hear people's stories of how they had an encounter with jesus and how their life was never the same again. In fact we believe that every single person who's a follower of jesus christ has a powerful story at how they encountered. Jesus you do. I do and my guest today. Matt creek does as well. You might recognize that. Because he was on the podcast. The happy hour this show. You're listening with his wife lori earlier this year and today in the show match shares his story of growing up in a christian home but realizing at twenty nine years old that he didn't really know jesus he knew a lot about jesus matt talks about his struggle with comparison to his brother and and trying to find worth and value and then at eleven years old he was introduced to pornography and he fell into a secret addiction for nearly two decades matt dealt with so much self loathing that he truly wanted to take the secret to the grave one day. He had a moment where he finally handed his lies in his shame. Over to god and the lord took them you're going to love the story of god redeeming him from the secret addiction that he said he wanted to take to. the grave. match journey is a journey of freedom and healing and it is the epitome of the story of the gospel. It is the good news and there is power in that good news. I really hope that matt story touches you as much as it touched me. And that you're able to see the goodness of god. The faithfulness of god the way that god pursues us as his children. You guys here is matt. Craig's encounter story matt. Welcome back to the happy hour. Thank you so much for having me. Great to have you again especially to be a part of our encounter series which were running this summer of just allowing people who've been on the show before to come back and give us a little deeper dive into their journey with. Jesus you know the happy hour. It's funny. I'll just explain this upfront real quick for listeners. Happy hour it's a faith based podcast. Obviously we're in the fifth category. I'm a christian. Everything i do is for jesus but we don't always cover every aspect of faith on every show just like. Oh this is a believer. And here's their life and so for me. This has been really fun to bring people back and be like. Tell me your story like telling me of how you came to know. Jesus because i'm a broken record. But i think stories changed the world and i think our stories are used that way so i don't actually know your story matt which this is even more exciting because i'm sitting here like i'm the listener. I'm pulling up a chair. And so i would love for you to kind of tell us a little bit of your journey. Jesus what that looks like your family your knowledge of faith all of that and then lead us into how your life was wrecked forever in a good way i well let me just first and foremost be honest. I'm not used to doing these without lorries. So like even before this. I was super nervous leg. Oh my goodness this is just unusual for me so yeah get that out of the way but the weird thing with my story is i. There is not a time in my life. That i remember where i didn't know about. Jesus i grew up in a christian home. I went to church like two times a week. I mean it was every sunday for church and every wednesday for youth group and doing all that stuff and yet probably the whole time in my life up until later you know in kind of early adulthood twenty nine years old. I don't know that. I actually knew jesus i knew about him so i think that's a lot of people story matt. Where'd you grow up can ask that. Yeah so. I've been kind of on a constant journey. North at seems like i was born in dallas so so texas native texan here and then my dad was transferred to

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