A highlight from Training Camp Day 1: with Rick Lewis


Happy start of training camp. Wednesday broncos country. Good to be back covering football practice known recovering football practice for now until first week of january here in denver. hopefully beyond. because there's some sort of playoff run. And then into the first second week of february we go through the super bowl in los angeles. And so are the broncos team. It doesn't feel like that yet but we did see the start of the quarterback competitions. Speaking of the quarterback around here drew la. Give me a hard time coming up in just a little bit. I'm not sure actually. And before you hear it all at least here whether or not. My response to drew lock made it on air. If not i'll just say it. Or i say on air on the microphone that the broncos have set up for the press covers book burs. Let's get it into the qb competition and you'll hear me talk about this with rick lewis but This is my takeaway was sitting by the other assembled media members that are to 'em status. We have two different status. There's people that can be down on the field and that's more your beat writers and couple of radio and tv folks. That are there every day like myself. Benjamin albright's down there as well and then the other tier is up on the landing right behind the berm. Their next to where the koa broadcast position is in between the two fields. And that's where. Rick david their show from and the the designation there is as for the other media members and a lot of companies are having people switch so like i saw powell romi bean from channel four and then i saw she and michael spencer doing a hit together outside. I think tomorrow. Michael be down low and she'll be up top but the talk was that it's going to seem almost impossible for drew. Lock to lose his job. And i said that a couple of times throughout the spring. And you've heard me say here. I don't think based on three preseason games and the way training camp practiser structured that drew lock unless he just essentially falls off a clippers. Play will do enough damage. If you will play poorly enough that he'll lose the job in conversely teddy bridgewater won't be able to do enough to win the job because it's not in his nature to just keep firing downfield so he has to take the check them. Because that's what what's there but then you see there's nothing really dynamic because wanna play breaks down. He's still just kind of checking it. Down drew locked and had one opportunity where he rolled left and he didn't throw into traffic. He just kind of threw the ball towards the sideline. I don't think it was caught. But it was one of those things like okay instead of firing downfield and vic was even asked about it post practice. Do you wanna see drew. Take chances down the field. He he just didn't andrew even said that he likes to think he's smarter now and knows not to try to throw into traffic back across his body or or something like that and so i just don't see a scenario injuries notwithstanding unless it's a three or four interception game and they probably wouldn't even put drew in that position or three or four touchdown game for teddy bridgewater and that seems almost impossible to where we talk about asd minnesota and just a couple of weeks on the fourteenth a week later in seattle and then home to the rams where there's going to be an opportunity for drew to lose job and teddy to win the job. Ninety think drew is going to be on a short leash. Because vic fangio and you'll hear rick and i get into. This is for all intents and purposes coaching for his head. Coaching future in the short term But let's let's hear from vic fangio here a little bit from drew in let you hear drew giving me in the state of kansas hard time telling us how he almost died But here is the fangio on his Quick thought on how he thought day. One of the quarterback competition went. It was good to watch the tape. I to give you a better answer but from my point of view out there. I thought they both did well. So let's start with the incumbent andrew lock and we've got a couple of things from drew. Here's drew talking about what he's focused on as he's starting this training camp in this quarterback battle where he did get the first set but the rich really did almost break down to fifty fifty today. He did have a couple of nights passes by the way he had jerry. Judy a nice Look like either skinny poster. Deepen he had a touchdown. Pass the trinity benson In a couple of throws another past jerry judy. In seven on seven we dropped in right behind The first level and in front of the second level no problem the second level wasn't really necessarily there But it was a really nice throw teddy on a couple of throws is very deep. Pass off the atari cleveland. So here's drew though on on his focus here early in camp religious work towards perfection. Instead of bigger picture things dots. What's been the most fun even from just starting on day one and even as we feel like we could do that instead of looking bigger picture things and that's when guys start to get comfortable play pass guys started making mistakes better. You're one hundred percent making these mistakes. You're not thinking. Should i initiative

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