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Dr podcast Very exciting guest today and of course reminder keep the wind in the role of pirate ship support the people that support us here. It really does help things out. And we try to be very careful about the people that i'm representing on this podcast. So hopefully the things that you get access to will be worth your wild. Don't forget check things out for me at dr dot com streaming show eastern five days a week right now get a doctor dot. Tv or doctor dot com for the other pods. Your mom's house all that. Good stuff there If you have any questions or you want me to get into anything with you guys usually contact dr dot. Com's a good way to reach me right now. It's my pleasure to welcome dr mark mark. Psalms the book the hidden spring a journey to the source of consciousness. Which is something. That is deeply fascinating to me We many different issues addressed in the book. In terms of mind. Body connection Why does anything feel anything. And he is one of the boulder thinkers in neuroscience and trying to solve this problem. You can follow him on twitter at mark with a k. Underscore psalms sol m s and That i think i ran across you on Ginger campbell's podcasts. Who've i've interviewed on this podcast as well her brain. Science podcast and i was immediately struck and fascinates. Thank you for joining me here. Thanks for having me. I suppose the first place to start is to give us a little sense of what we would get by reading the book. Well it's

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