Elon Musk Compensation and Other Hidden Details From Tesla's 10-Q Filing


Everybody ravn our here and today. We're gonna be talking about some details from tests ten q quarterly filing with the sec. Obviously we've talked about earnings. We've talked about the earnings. Call the ten q filing always tends to have a little bit more information. There's always some hidden details in there. So i do want to spend a little bit of time going through some of those topics that i find interesting One of those being the ceo performance award That you can see up here so before we even get into that just a heads up. I am actually traveling today. This is recorded in advance. And i'll be traveling. Tomorrow's also thursday and friday We'll do this today. And then friday. We're going to have the long overdue part two of the james down interview And then we'll get back to any news on monday so if there is any news. That's happening right now. a promise to cover that back As soon as i get back On monday so that being said let's dive into some of the details here. This is the just overview of the co performance plan. This is nothing new people. Probably seen this already on anything to do with the ten q here Budget as a quick refresher. How elon musk's compensation plan works is that there are these twelve tranches that get vested as different milestones are achieved their split into two sections both marquette milestones and then operational milestones. So on the top half year we've got the market cap milestones. You can see that those peak at about six hundred and fifty billion dollars are exactly six fifty. So i think all those have been achieved. Essentially tesla's knocked that out. What they're still working on these operational milestones. So you can see that there are sixteen of them down here half of them being revenue half of them being ebitda. So if we flip over here. I'm gonna i pull up the key. One ten q so tesla's quarterly first-quarter filing and just show how those operational milestones were coming along at that point. I you can see tesla had fully achieved One two three four five six of these and marked another two of them as being probab- probable For full recognition. Eli needs to get twelve out of the sixteen here.

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